Sewing Technique

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just so you know, this post has nothing to do with sewing. Since today is Valentine’s Day, I just thought I would share with you the beautiful roses my husband gave me. I love that he remembers every holiday, birthday, and special occasion with no prompting! Wish I could say the same about me… I […] Read more…

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Do You Hear Your Fabric?

Like many people who sew, I love fabric! The fibers, the feel, the weave, the colors – there is so much that grabs my attention. One of the things I love to do with fabric is to use it as a “canvas” by embellishing it in some way. Sometimes it takes a while to decide […] Read more…

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It’s a Process!

One of the things that most new sewers and non-sewers don’t understand is the amount of time you spend getting ready to sew. In fact, there are some projects (usually simple) that the actual stitching part takes the least amount of time. In the early years of my sewing journey, I was often frustrated with […] Read more…

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