Month: February 2019

bi level foot hook and loop tape

Bi-Level Presser Foot

This foot is a favorite of mine, even though I don’t use it frequently. The reason I like it so much is that when I need it, there’s nothing else that will work. Called a bi-level or “uneven” foot,  the shape of the sole makes it useful in situations where the foot needs to ride […] Read more…

joining seam with edgestitch foot

Edge Joining Seam

When we think of a seam, it is usually two pieces of fabric placed right sides together and sewn with a straight stitch to join them. Once the seam is stitched, the fabric is opened to the right side and pressed. This type of seam works on most fabrics and projects but there are other […] Read more…

presser feet with fabric

What Does a Presser Foot Do?

If you’ve ever sat at a sewing machine and stitched anything, you know that you need a presser foot. But, have you ever stopped to think about what the presser feet does and why you can’t sew without one? Have you ever wondered, just what does a presser foot do? Keeping the Fabric from Traveling […] Read more…