Sewing Technique

Eighth inch seam

French Seams with Patchwork Foot

Today’s post is a tutorial on stitching a seaming treatment that is good for sheers, fabrics that ravel easily, and light to medium weight fabrics that need a sturdy seam. The finished French seam hides all raw edges, which is an elegant way to make the inside of your garment clean and neat. Today, you […] Read more…


Creative Cords

Here’s an easy way to create custom cord to match or coordinate with any project.  Start with a piece of yarn, about 12″-15″ longer than the desired finished cord length. Add Braiding Foot #21 and start making cord! You can use multiple pieces as long as they fit into the hole on the top of the […] Read more…


Let it Snow!

As I write this post, it is summer and I am in very sunny, very warm Florida. So why am I writing about snow? I want to show you a cute, whimsical snowman created by felting wool roving onto a wool felt background. Click the image below for a short little video that shows how it […] Read more…

roses scaled

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just so you know, this post has nothing to do with sewing. Since today is Valentine’s Day, I just thought I would share with you the beautiful roses my husband gave me. I love that he remembers every holiday, birthday, and special occasion with no prompting! Wish I could say the same about me… I […] Read more…

IMG 4407

Do You Hear Your Fabric?

Like many people who sew, I love fabric! The fibers, the feel, the weave, the colors – there is so much that grabs my attention. One of the things I love to do with fabric is to use it as a “canvas” by embellishing it in some way. Sometimes it takes a while to decide […] Read more…

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