Lucky you if your sewing machine has lettering. You can easily create labels and tags for your quilt, garments, and almost all of your projects! I like to stitch on twill tape, and I have a great tip for easily stitching down the center of the tape. handmade tag

I’m sewing on my BERNINA 790 PLUS but this technique can be sewn on any sewing machine that has an alphabet menu and a memory function.The first thing you want to do is to go to the alphabet option on your machine. I’m using the Combi Mode function that lets me join letters to create words, and add decorative stitches if I want. Select the Alphabet menu to show the folders and then, select an alphabet style.Alphabets

Program the desired words by selecting the letters and spaces as needed. The letters appear across the top of the screen as you type. The default keyboard has capital letters, but you may switch to other keyboards: lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Simply touch the icon for the desired keyboard. You can also add decorative stitches. Once you have programmed the desired letters/stitches, you are ready to stitch.

programmed letters

  1. Draw a line down the center of the twill tape. This is not the baseline for the letters but will ensure that the lettering will be centered on the tape.
  2. Place the marked twill tape on tear away or wash away stabilizer.
  3. Here’s the easy way to make sure you stitch the words down the center of the twill tape. I used BERNINA Clear Foot #34 to stitch the letters. I chose this foot because of the red marking in the center of the foot. Align the red marking with the drawn line on the tape. Press the Pattern Begin function and stitch the programmed letters/stitches. Tip: Press the Pattern Repeat 1 and the machine will stitch the programmed stitches and automatically stop after the last character.

marked twill tape

When the stitching is finished, remove the stabilizer, and trim the ends of the twill tape with pinking shears.

stitches tag

Click here (or on the video below) to see my video that shows how I make these tags. If you are interested in exploring specialty presser feet, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. My Foot Note videos focus on specialty presser feet and the techniques you can sew with them.

Until next time,Happy Stitching 500x150 ALPHA


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2 Comments on Custom Labels and Tags with Sewing Machine Lettering

  1. Susan, my husband is in memory care and needs his name on everything. I have made a template with software for six labels at a time. I have a placement stitch for grosgrain ribbon. I use 7/8″ ribbon so lettering is big and can be seen by staff. I use a glue stick to place the ribbon and embroidery machine to stitch name.
    I even have a template for smaller labels for socks. I do these on twill tape. I can 15 in one hooping. A little fiddley to sew on sock but only thing that won’t wash out. I usually handbaste them b4 sewing.
    I tried a basting frame for each label but that was more trouble than it was worth.

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