Many brands of sewing machines have snap-on presser feet that are easy to attach and detach from the machine. Changing the presser foot takes only a few seconds. This makes it easy to expand what your sewing machine can do. Along with the feet that are included with your machine, most machine manufacturers have additional presser feet available as optional accessories.

They All Look Alike

The snap-on feet look similar from brand to brand but they are not all interchangeable. They usually attach in the same manner with a release lever or button on the back of the shank. Pressing the button or lever detaches the foot from the shank, which remains in place on the sewing machine. Even though they may look the same and attach in the same way, all snap-on feet will not fit your machine. That means that you need to know which snap-on feet are made for your brand of machine. Your sewing machine store will know which presser feet fits your particular machine.

snap on feet

Attaching/Detaching the Presser Foot

To attach a presser foot, start with the shank in the highest position, using the presser foot lever on your machine. Place the presser foot under the shank, aligning the connection bar with the notch on the shank.

aligning the foot


Lower the foot until it snaps in place.

attached foot

To detach the foot, raise it to the highest position and then press the lever or button, depending on your machine. The foot drops off and can be exchanged for another.

IMG 8635

Click here to watch one of my latest video that shows how to attach and detach snap-on presser feet.

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