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Three Ways to Hem

One of the more practical ways to use your sewing machine is hemming. Whether you are making the garment shorter or extending the hem to make it longer, it is a simple process to finish a garment or customize the fit of ready-to-wear and hand sewn clothing. Hemming is a word that describes a variety […] Read more…

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Vintage Fun!

When I see someone’s interpretation of something I designed, it always makes me happy. My first reaction is that I am seeing something I like and it is sooooo familiar, but I can’t always immediately place it. That’s because most sewers put a little bit of themselves into their projects, so it is not exactly […] Read more…

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Memorial Weekend Sale!

I’ve decided to kick off the summer months with a sale on my Feet-ology course! For the 3-day holiday weekend, Feet-ology has a special price – the lowest it has ever been! If you’re looking for ways to overcome sewing slumps, increase your creativity, and sew projects that amaze, then my Feet-ology online course is […] Read more…

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