Stitching perfect circles using the Circular Embroidery Attachment is fun to do and can create beautiful designs on your fabric. One of the great things about the Circular Embroidery Attachment is that it can be used for stitching circles using any technique. From decorative stitching to pintucks to couching and more, This post is focused on the circular appliqué. Attach the Circular Embroidery Attachment to the bed of the machine. Place the Open Embroidery Foot #20/20C on the machine.

circle attach


Cut a square of appliqué fabric slightly lager than the desired size of circle. Place it right side up on the background fabric and add stabilizer behind the background fabric. Remove the plastic cap from the tack on the circular attachment. Carefully place the stacked materials on the tack. This tack is very sharp so be sure to replace the plastic cap. The tack is the center of the circle. To adjust the tack to change the size of the circle, press the black tab and move ot to the desired size.

fabric on tack

Stitching a Circle

Select the straight stitch and stitch, letting the fabric rotate as you sew. Trim the excess fabric from around the circle close to the stitching. Select a satin stitch, and sew the same size circle, covering the straight stitch.

stitching the circle

Optional: Add decorative stitches on the outer edge or on the applique fabric as desired.

circular applique

Circular Applique Video

Click here to see my video that shows how the circular appliqué technique is sewn.

Happy Stitching 1000x300 W

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