This quilted mug rug is embellished with a simple applique technique. Both the quilting and the appliqué techniques are stitched at the same time, making this a quick and easy project. Finished size: 8” square

Four Hearts Mug Rug


Two 9” squares of coordinating fabric

One 9” square of low-loft batting

One 9” square of appliqué fabric

One 9” square of paper-backed fusible web

2 ½” wide bias strips, pieced together to make 1 ½ yards of binding

Marking the Center

Press the fusible web to the wrong side of the appliqué fabric and cut out four 3″ hearts as shown below.

heart pattern

Fold one fabric square into quarters and press to mark the center.

folded fabric square

Fusing the Appliqué Hearts

Remove the paper from the back of the appliqué shapes and position them as shown below with the lower points positioned at the center of the square. Fuse the hearts in place.

heart placement


Make a quilt sandwich by placing the batting square between two the fabric squares, right sides facing out. Attach Clear Foot #34/34C/34D and use a straight stitch or a open decorative stitch. Sew vertical lines of stitches on the surface of the fabric through all three layers.


Trim the mug rug to 8” square, measuring from the center out to each edge.


Fold the binding strip in half lengthwise and bind the edges of the mug rug. Click here for binding directions.

bound mug rug

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