Sew What…A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing (eBOOK)


This 70-page eBook is an introduction to sewing. Written for new sewers and confident beginners, the information is this eBook is designed to start at the beginning and move in small steps to help you understand the sewing process, building your skills as you go. Included are instructions for five simple sewing projects that lets you practice what you are learning.

Decluttering Your Sewing Space (FREE Download)

decluttering your workspace

We all know how difficult it is to give up our stashes of fabrics, threads, buttons and notions. When decluttering your space, use the questions below to clarify your priorities, focus on what you need, and make decisions about your “stuff.” 


Holiday Stitches (FREE Download)

A Planning Guide for Machine Embroidered Gifts

Holiday Stitches A Planning Guide for Machine Embroidered Gifts

Holiday Stitches

If you are like me, you have big plans for creating all or most of your holiday gifts. You do it out of love, you want to be creative and it’s just plain fun! But as they say about good intentions…one day you realize time has gone by and you’re just not going to get them done. What you (and I) need is a plan. These printable pages include a project planner so you can think through what you want to stitch and make a plan for getting it done. You’ll also find a tip sheet with machine embroidery info that will help you as you get started and head toward the finish line.

3 Must-Have Feet (FREE Download)

Which Presser Feet Do You Need?

With so many specialty presser feet available, how do you know which ones to add to your sewing toolbox? It often depends on the type of sewing you do, the projects you make, and the techniques you sew. If you missed the five posts last year on must-have presser feet, click here to download all of them. Find out about three specific presser feet for different types of sewing – those used by Quilters, Fashion Sewers, Crafters, Home Dec Sewers, and Mixed Media Artists. Whether you sew clothing, quilts, or craft projects, these PDFs will get you started with the right tools to make it easy with professional-looking results.

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3 Must Have Feet for Quilters

3 Must Have Feet for Mixed Media Sewing

3 Must Have Feet for Crafters

3 Must Have Feet for Fashion Sewers

3 Must Have Feet for Home Decorating Sewing

Sew Smarter (FREE Download)

10 Ways to Make Your Sewing Machine Work for You

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Sew Smarter: 10 Ways to Make Your Sewing Machine Work for You