Which Presser Feet Do You Need?

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With so many specialty presser feet available, how do you know which ones to add to your sewing toolbox?

These PDFs will get you started with the right tools to make it easy with professional-looking results. Find out about three specific presser feet for different types of sewing - those used by:

Meet Susan

Over a 20 year span I sewed on several machines – my grandmother’s vintage machine, my mother’s hand-me-down, a college gift from my parents, and finally one that I purchased myself.

Each of these machines had five to six presser feet but I barely used a total of three. Most of my sewing, from t-shirts and tailored jackets to wedding gowns were stitched using an all-purpose foot; however, I sometimes used a zipper foot for sewing close to the coils. Although my buttonholes didn’t look that great, I still opted to use an all-purpose foot over a buttonhole foot since I was still learning.

I was introduced to a whole new world of sewing when I became a sales rep at BERNINA of America and things quickly changed for me. I became very interested in the sewing and education part of the business and had no idea of the power of presser feet. I learned that knowing how to sew and using a machine were two very different concepts.

 The first specialty presser foot I used was an edgestitch foot which is one of my all-time favorites! I aspired to have perfect topstitching and realized in order to get there I had room for improvement. When I put the edgestitch foot on the machine and used the guide as I stitched, I had perfect topstitching; my sewing skills improved and all I did was use the proper presser foot! I’m grateful for the time spent in the education and training departments at BERNINA because I greatly improved the quality of my sewing and presser feet knowledge. I am proud to say that I still partner with BERNINA on special projects: I am the editor of, The Big Book of Feet: A Guide to BERNINA Presser Feet and Accessories, I teach a few classes, and write for their blog,

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