Over a 20 year span I sewed on several machines – my grandmother’s vintage machine, my mother’s hand-me-down, a college gift from my parents, and finally one that I purchased myself.

Each of these machines had five to six presser feet but I barely used more than one. Most of my sewing, from t-shirts and tailored jackets to wedding gowns were stitched using an all purpose foot; however, I sometimes used a zipper foot for sewing close to the coils.

I was introduced to a whole new world of sewing when I became a sales rep at BERNINA of America. I became interested in the education part of the business and quickly realized the power of presser feet. I learned that knowing how to sew and knowing how to use my sewing machine are not the same thing.


The first specialty presser foot I used was an edgestitch foot which is one of my all-time favorites! When I put the edgestitch foot on the machine and used the guide as I stitched, I had perfect topstitching; my sewing skills improved and all I did was use the proper presser foot! I’m grateful for the time spent in the education and training department at BERNINA because I greatly improved the quality of my sewing and presser feet knowledge. I am proud to say that I still partner with BERNINA on special projects and am the editor of The BERNINA Big Book Series, which includes The Big Book of Feet.

I created Sewfeet.com as a way to share my passion for sewing with all levels of stitchers. I’m happy to announce that we will touch on a wide variety of sewing techniques and projects, paying particular attention to the presser feet and attachments that can help you sew better, faster, and more creatively!