Here’s an easy way to create custom cord to match or coordinate with any project.  Start with a piece of yarn, about 12″-15″ longer than the desired finished cord length. Add Braiding Foot #21 and start making cord! You can use multiple pieces as long as they fit into the hole on the top of the sole of the foot. Thread the yarn into the hole from front to back and make sure it can move freely through the hole. Creating your own cord is a great way to use leftover yarns and you’ll the exact cord colors you need for tassels, ties, and couching.

Foot 21

Set your machine for a zigzag stitch. The width should be wide enough to go over the yarn without stitching into it. Start with a medium length setting-about 3 mm.

zigzag stitch

As you start to stitch, hold the yarn behind the foot and help it to go under the needle. Because the yarn is barely touching the the feed teeth, it does not feed evenly and your stitch length may vary as you pull it through. This will not be a problem in the finished cord. Stitch over the yarn until it looks the way you want. Stitching over it once or twice will let the yarn show through. If you want a solid look that covers the yarn, stitch over it multiple times until you get the desired look. Use a single color thread, or change colors each time you stitch for a multicolored look. CLICK BELOW to see how to make cords using yarn with Braiding Foot #21.

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