If you’ve been thinking about making a stitch book, I would encourage you to stop thinking and just do it! You will not be sorry. There are so many reasons to create a book that shows all of the stitches on your machine sewn with thread on fabric, but this post is about the three reasons I think are the most compelling.Stitch book

Reason #1

Most of today’s machines have so many stitches, both practical and decorative. Your owner’s manual and the screen (or on the front, or inside the lid, etc.) of your machine shows the graphic version of the stitch. This image may or may not resemble the actual stitch. No matter how good the drawing is, it can’t hold a candle to the sewn version of the stitch pattern. Stitching it on fabric with beautiful threads really brings it to life and shows its real beauty. It will inspire you to use more of your stitches, and having a stitch book saves you time when you are looking at decorative stitches for your next project. It becomes a reference book that you will turn to over and over again.

Stitch book pages

Reason #2

When you sew all of your stitches, you’ll be amazed at how much you will learn about your machine. Even if you have had your machine for a while, you’ll discover features and functions you didn’t know about or ones that you haven’t tried. If you have a new machine, this is the perfect time to explore all that it does and everything you can do with it.

more stitches

Reason #3

You’ll also learn more about the presser foot that you use to sew each stitch. Many stitches can be sewn with the all-purpose presser foot that comes with your machine. But other stitches may need a particular foot. For instances a heavy satin stitch pattern does not stitch well with the all-purpose foot because the sole is flat and doesn’t allow the thread build-up to easily move under it. decorative stitching

For more information about which presser feet are suitable for a particular stitch, consult your Big Book of Feet as a reference. CLICK HERE for more information about the BERNINA Big Book Series.

bigbook feet

Getting Started

If you don’t know where to start, take a look at The Big Book of Stitches. There’s an entire chapter on making a stitch book – how to get started, how to keep going (slow and steady, or go, go, go!), and how to finish. It’s not hard to make a stitch book, but it is an endurance challenge to get through the stitching part. Both The Big Book of Feet and The Big Book of Stitches are available at your local BERNINA store. So get busy, start stitching, and you’ll be glad you did!

bigbook stitches

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2 Comments on Three Reasons to Make a Stitch Book

  1. I agree Susan. I made a stitch book when I got my B780. I haven’t done it with my 790+ yet but I know I should. I find the stitch book so useful!

    • I totally agree, Claudia. I put it off for years and every time I was selecting stitches to embellish a project, I told myself I would make one. I finally scheduled a class to teach how to make a stitch book so I had to get mine done and I have never regretted it. I use it to select stitches all the time. I’m glad you made one for for you B 780. Now you have to get busy on your B 79o Stitch book.

      Good Luck!


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