I love to add texture and color to fabric for a unique look. Here are three videos from my You Tube Channel, each one featuring a simple way to elevate the look of your fabric. In most cases, I embellish flat fabric and then cut out the pattern for the project I am making. This makes it really easy to position the embellishments in specific areas if needed. It also eliminates having to adjust the pattern to accommodate any “shrinkage” that the stitching may cause. You just rough-cut a piece of fabric, making it larger than you need for the pattern piece. Once the embellishment is finished, simply place the paper pattern on top of it, arranging it as desired and cut it out.

This video uses a heavy straight stitch add emphasis to certain parts of a fabric with a printed design.

Using decorative stitches to add pizzazz to a striped fabric is easy to do and adds charm and whimsy to an otherwise “plain” fabric.

This subtle technique adds texture to almost any type of sewn project. Pillows, bed linens, clothing, kids’ outfits, scarves, curtains, and more. Using an edgestitch presser foot lets you sew tiny tucks that are exactly the same with with mo marking!

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Happy Stitching 1000x300 W

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