Month: October 2020

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Track Your Stash

If you have a fabric stash (who doesn’t?), you may struggle to really know all of the fabrics you own. I am continually going through mine to see what I have because I don’t always remember what I’ve bought or if I used it or not. So I’m using a low-tech, quick and easy way […] Read more…

making a bow

A Practical Sewing Machine Stitch You Probably Never Use

Today’s sewing machines come with hundreds of stitches, for both practical and decorative techniques. When you look at the practical stitches, it’s sometimes hard to know how to use them. Here’s one of my favorite practical stitches with three useful techniques. The Universal stitch starts with two vertical straight stitches and then takes a horizontal […] Read more…

witch costume

13 Halloween Costumes with Free Patterns

I remember Halloween as a kid and how much fun it was to put together a costume. It’s even more fun today because there’s so much inspiration and sharing that goes on using the Internet. Because Halloween is the only time the number 13 is lucky, I scoured the Internet and found 13 fun choices […] Read more…