If you haven’t seen the Big Books from BERNINA, you’ll want to check them out. They are available at your local BERNINA store and are full of fabulous, inspirational photos as well as practical, useful information. As editor of this instructive series of sewing books, I am a bit biased but if you want to expand your sewing knowledge, get better at machine embroidery, master using your serger or tackle machine quilting, you’ll find what need between the pages of a Big Book.



The Big Book of Feet provides in-depth information about all BERNINA presser feet and accessories. Along with beautiful inspirational photos, you’ll find background info on the feet and guidance for how and where to use them. No matter what type of sewing you do, this book will be one you will reach for over and over.

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The Big Book of Machine Embroidery starts at the beginning with information about designs, stabilizers, embroidery supplies, and hooping methods. From there you explore basic editing functions that includes resizing, rotating, and Word Art. And you’ll love the beautiful embroidery designs and project photos throughout the book.

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The Big Book of Serging is a reference book that any overlock owner can use. It features current BERNINA and bernette serger models, including the new L 8 Series overlock machines with One-Step Air Threading. From threading tips to rolled hemming to decorative serging, you’ll be inspired to use your overlock machine to its fullest capabilities.

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The Big Book of Machine Quilting guides you through the quilting making process – fabric selection, cutting, piecing, quilting, and binding. Whether you have a BERNINA quilting machine, sewing machine or table model longarm, this book is for you. With tips and techniques, it will help you on your quilting journey.

bigbook longarm

The Big Book of Longarm Quilting book covers the entire process of BERNINA longarm quilting, from preparing the quilt to loading the frame to the final stitch. This fifth book in the Big Book Series has the same look and feel as the others. Chock-full of useful information, inspirational photos, at-a-glance charts, and step-by-step techniques, this book is a great addition to your quilting library.

bigbook stitches

The Big Book of Stitches is the latest addition to the BERNINA series of informative books. With today’s technology, BERNINA sewing machines have so much to offer in the way of stitches, both practical and decorative. This book explores the different types of stitches, the best ways to sew them, where to use them, and how to decide when you have enough. Spoiler Alert: You’ll never have enough!

BBOCQ Big Book

The Big Book of Computerized Quilting using your embroidery module to quilt bed coverings, purses, placemats, and more results in precision stitching, beautiful designs, and professional-looking projects. This book focuses on using the embroidery module to quilt on a domestic machine. Learn how to stitch a variety of quilting techniques, from edge-to-edge quilting, dimensional quilting, and automated quilting for a customized look.

BBOSQ Big Book

The Big Book of Serger Quilting explore the world of quilting – using your serger! While a serger may be the last machine you think of when you think of quilting, it may surprise you. There are a number of both piecing and quilting techniques that can be sewn using an overlock machine. Many of these techniques have variations that work for different looks and various quilting situations, and you’ll go to them over and over when quilting with your overlock machine.