While looking out the window in my office today, I saw the most beautiful little bluebird perched on the railing of the stairs that go up to the house. I loved the look of the delicate bird and the saturated blue color of his feathers. Immediately I started thinking how I could translate this into something to make with needle and thread. I have a few ideas including a fabric college bird, or a free-motion backdrop of trees with a bird applique in the foreground. Or it may be a more abstract inspiration that just features the rich blue and green color scheme. So, I’ll think on that for a while and see what comes to me.blue bird


The Rest of the Story

Before I end this short blog post, I want to let you know what happened immediately after I took the first photo. While the blue bird was looking to his right, another bird (not as pretty and not as nice) came from the left and slammed into the blue bird (it looked intentional).

Combat birds

Blue Boy (I had to name him since I’m talking about him) fell off his perch into the air but flapped his wings and came back around and settled on the railing as far as he could get from Not So Nice. A few seconds later, Blue Boy was again pushed off the railing! In a minute or two, he came back and this time he perched right next to Not So Nice and they had a staring contest while chirping at each other. After that, they settled down and seemed to be friends. I found the whole thing disturbing and entertaining at the same time – sure wish I could understand what they were saying.

two birds

I’ll keep you posted on how I end up turning this into stitches.Happy Stitching 1000x300 W

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