I have always had a love of thrifting and recycling, especially when it comes to reusing fabric, turning it into something new. In fact, my first published book was entitled Second Stitches (long out of print), focusing on recycling as you sew. This was in the early days of the Internet, and I thought it would be great to have a site where sewers could sell their fabric, notion, and thread stashes to share with other sewers and crafters looking for a bargain. Well, I missed that opportunity and there are a lot of thrifty sewing websites where you can find bargains these days.

2 Stitches

Thrifty Stitching

In addition to the online sewing thrifting sites, I recently heard about a brick-and-mortar store called Smart Arts & Crafts in Nashville,TN. I live south of Nashville, so I decided to drive about 45 minutes to check it out. I found a great place to buy all types of sewing, art, and craft supplies at very affordable prices. They also have a wide variety of sewing, quilting, and crafting books. The large store is well-organized and it is easy to see what they have that you may want to add to your sewing and craft resources.  If you don’t live in or near Nashville, check out their online store that has products that can be shipped to your home. They sell quality fabric by the pound and 95% of their stock is less than $5! Their mission statement is:Smart Missionphotos SMART

Share the Wealth

Along with the bargain prices, Smart Arts & Crafts has another big perk – they take donations! I have already donated several boxes of fabrics, thread, and notions, as well as a serger I have had for several years. I replaced it with the BERNINA L860 a couple of years ago and don’t need two sergers, so I was glad to send it to a new home. If you are into downsizing or decluttering your sewing space, this could be a great donation outlet for you. If you want to  get a quick tour of the Smart Arts & Crafts store, watch the video below.

As always,Happy Stitching 1000x300 W



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