While browsing the Amazon app (not an affiliate or being sponsored), I saw this metal sign and was immediately enamored. I love the look of it and I agree with the sentiment. I’m  impressed and inspired by the quantity of fabric and the fact it is so organized. I especially like the notes on the fabrics. I couldn’t find the link to this but if you go to the Amazon app and search for Garman Sewing Girl, it will come up.

sewing room

Why Do You Sew?

I think there are many reasons that people sew. From necessity to creative expression to the sense of satisfaction that comes with a finished project, the reason you sew is a personal choice and it may be that you sew for more than one reason. I have always been interested in why people sew. I personally wonder why I sew. I do get a lot of satisfaction from it and I love creating things that are unique to me but there has to be more to it. I say that because I, like many sewists, started sewing at a young age and it amazes me that I did not give up on it. I was not a quick learner, my stitching was not precise, and I gave up on more unfinished projects than I can count. But something drove me to keep trying, which eventually led me to a degree in Textiles and a job with BERNINA. Over the years, my skills have improved and my knowledge has greatly expanded (thanks BERNINA!). Even though I’m not sure what drove me to continue stitching, I am so grateful that I didn’t walk away before I really got the hang of creating with fabric, needle, and thread. I’d love to know why you sew so leave me a comment and let me know. By the way, I ordered the sign because it speaks to me and lets me know why I continue to sew.

No matter why you sew, as always,Happy Stitching 1000x300 W

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