We all know how important the needle is to your sewing machine, right? If you are having stitch problems such as poor stitch formation, skipped stitches or tension problems that you can’t seem to correct, the FIRST thing to do is to put in a new needle. Most of the time, it will take care of the problem – and save you a lot of time looking for the answer to your inferior stitching. Here’s few other things you need to know about sewing machine needles.

sewing machine needle

New Needle

The needle in your machine should be changed every 6-8 hours of stitching. More often if you are having stitch problems. Don’t think you are saving money by continuing to use a needle when it is past it’s prime. The needle is the least expensive part of the machine and the most important. If you hear a “popping” sound as your needle goes into the fabric, it needs to be changed. That popping sound is because the point is dull and has to force its way through the fabric. This could damage your fabric as well as result in less than perfect stitches.

Needle System

BERNINA machines use the needle system, 130/705H, which will be on the front of the package. This is very important because even if another type of needle fits into the machine, it may not be the correct length. If it is too short, it can’t connect the needle thread with the bobbin thread to form the stitch properly. It may also be too long and may hit the bobbin case or the hook of the machine, constantly pecking away in the same spot until it damages the metal.

needle and stitches

Needle Point

The needle point and size are important, also. The correct point (Universal, Ballpoint, Jeans, Stretch, etc.) assures proper stitch formation and avoids fabric damage so select the one that works best for your type of fabric. The size of the needle should also be selected to fit the fabric: smaller for lightweight fabrics and larger for heavier fabrics. The higher the size number, the larger the point of the needle.

multiple needles

Chrome Needle

One of the latest innovations in sewing machine needles are Chrome Needles. These needles have less friction on the thread passing through the eye of the needle and they penetrate the fabric with less resistance. They are professional grade needles than last longer than other needles. For more information on Schmetz Chrome Needles that fit your BERNINA machines, click here.

Schmetz Chrome Needles



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