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Four Reasons to Own a Walking Foot

Sewers usually find out about walking feet when learning quilting techniques. It is useful for straight stitch quilting and does a much better job than a regular presser foot (keep reading to find out why). But there are many more reasons to own and use a walking foot. It is helpful for all types of […] Read more…


Broken Needles

It has happened to all of us at least once (or a hundred times). You are sewing along and clunk! – your needle breaks. Sometimes the reason is obvious and sometimes it’s a mystery, but it is always something that demands your attention. It’s more than just a nuisance. It stops you in your tracks […] Read more…

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Mini Art Quilt #2

This tutorial features my latest MAQ (mini art quilt) and I loved sewing it for two reasons. One, I’m using fabric and materials that I really like and two, I challenged myself to make it without buying anything! Everything I used is from my stash of fabrics, buttons, trinkets, cardstock, etc. If I make about […] Read more…

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