When I see someone’s interpretation of something I designed, it always makes me happy. My first reaction is that I am seeing something I like and it is sooooo familiar, but I can’t always immediately place it. That’s because most sewers put a little bit of themselves into their projects, so it is not exactly the same as the one I created. I love that because isn’t that the reason (at least one of them) that many of us sew in the first place. Kay is one of my students and she shared her project from my Sew Vintage class. And now I want to share it with you! Here’s what Kay had to say, “It was such fun to put together and included my special passions, sewing and paper crafts. Thx for the inspiration!”. Thanks, for sharing, Kay!

Kays Sew Vintage project

Combine your sewing with art and scrapbooking techniques. Using fabric and thread creates a level of complexity in the layers that enhance the overall look of your art. Learn how to use specilaty presser feet for embellishment techniques and practical uses. These techniques are easy to incorporate into your work and are all simple to learn – even for beginners! If you are interested in getting more info about my Sew Vintage course, CLICK HERE.sew vintage 01Happy Stitching 1000x300 W

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  1. Definitely check out the story and work of Seth Apter. You two would inspire each other !

    Free spirit has a fabric line based on his art. We hosted him for a “meet and greet” and besides quilters so many stampers and book/journal artists and paper crafters attended and were clearly big fans and followers.

    I believe a second line of fabric will be out in the spring!

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