I sewed for 20 years using an all-purpose presser foot and rarely used any other foot. I had no idea what the other feet that came with my machine(s) were for and why I needed them. I wasn’t buying machines from sewing stores that offered classes and I didn’t think I needed them. After all, I knew how to sew. It wasn’t until I went to work for BERNINA that I learned what I was missing. My skill level immediately improved and my technique options expanded each time I became acquainted with a new presser foot. I learned that knowing how to sew is not the same as knowing how to use your sewing machine and all of its accessories, especially presser feet. I started Sewfeet.com because I think that most sewers out there are missing out on a lot of knowledge about what your machine can do. And, frankly missing out on a lot of FUN!

My Feet-ology course is a great way to avoid FOMO – the fear of missing on all that fun! If you want to explore what presser feet can do for your BERNINA sewing machine, CLICK HERE or on the Classes & Courses tab at the top of this page for more information about Feet-ology: An Introduction to BERNINA Presser Feet.

CLICK HERE for a post I wrote a few months ago on to see the top three reasons WHY I think you should know about specialty presser feet.

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