Well, here it is – another new year. They seem to come faster and faster but I’m not complaining. A new year gives us a fresh start, a time to reflect, and a look to the future and all it can bring. Since this is a blog about sewing, let’s talk about what’s on your sewing calendar for 2022. Do you plan your projects? Or do you make spontaneous choices about sewing projects, deciding on a whim what to make with needle and thread?

Do You Plan or Not?

If you’re a planner, you probably have your own method of selecting projects and deciding when to sew them. If you’re not a planner, I have something that may create a path to help you focus your creativity and productivity as you sew. Over the years, I’ve tried multiple sets of planning pages, software programs, and journals to get a handle on my sewing projects. I’ve even tried totally winging it! I’ve learned a few things from those planning methods and have developed my own planning Project Planner Page. I think best with pen and paper and these planner pages give me structure and direction as I’m mentally creating my next project.

Printable Project Planner

The planner page I’ve created helps me think about the projects I want to sew and why I’m sewing them (for the house, as gifts, for my own use, etc.). I use these pages for bigger projects and for gifts, but I leave plenty of room for spur-of-the-moment ideas and unplanned projects. After all, some of the best ideas are the ones that come to us unexpectedly out of the blue.

Stitching Diary

I also use these pages as a type of diary to document what I have sewn. For those of us that sew a lot and/or have sewn for years, it’s easy to forget how much we’ve created over time. These pages let you revisit the projects you’ve made and enjoy them all over again. You can download this FREE printable Project Planner Page and print or copy as many as you need. There’s also a one-page guide with a few details of how I plan my projects.

A New Sewing Year

Hope this helps get your new sewing year off to a great start. I’d love to know if you plan your sewing projects or let them happen organically as you create. Leave a comment below about how you plan (or not) your sewing projects. Happy Stitching in 2022!

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