Hi All! Today’s guest post is another one from creativefabrica.com and it’s all about free sewing patterns! Click here to see an earlier post about free machine embroidery designs. On their site, you’ll also find free fonts (great for art quilts and mixed media sewing), Cricut and Silhouette files, and more. In addition, you can buy other fonts, designs, files, etc. individually. Plus, you can sign up for a subscription, or just download FREE files every day! There are so many ways to be super creative using the downloads from creativefabrica.com,  Use my code for a generous discount if you decide to go beyond the free offers: SEWFEET35  

If you are looking for some great free sewing patterns, delivered to you in the form of a newsletter every second week – look no further!  The Needle Craft Newsletter from Yarnie is a great resource for anyone who is interested in easy and free sewing patterns. For all quilt lovers, they also have quality free quilting patterns.

It’s completely free to sign up and every newsletter features a free needle craft pattern, alongside inspiring articles with talented needle craft creators and designers. You will also be able to grow your sewing skills with the tips and tricks included in the newsletter. These are some of the free sewing patterns and free quilt patterns that are included in the newsletter!7 Easy Scrunchies Sewing Pattern -

7 easy scrunchies sewing patterns

As soon as you sign-up, you will receive an exclusive free sewing pattern: 7 easy scrunchies sewing patterns  – created by the pattern design Sweet Mama Makes. This sewing project is perfect to start out with if you are a beginner to sewing, or if you have some scrap fabric left from another project. The pattern include 7 different versions of the popular and trendy scrunchie: 

  • Classic Scrunchie, Extra Fluffy Scrunchie (more voluminous folds)
  • Extra Tall Scrunchie (this scrunchie is extra wide and a true show stopper)
  • Scrunchie with Long Tails (that can be tied into a pretty bow)
  • Scrunchie with Bunny Ears, Scarf Scrunchie/Bandana Scarf Scrunchie
  • Toddler Scrunchie w/ Optional Bow Knot

Classic and Extra Fluffy Scrunchies

Bonus Freebie!

There is a bonus freebie if you participate in Yarnie’s free survey, which you get offered to participate in once you have subscribed. The freebie is the lovely quilt pattern by Carina Gardner – The Afternoon Quilt. This lovely lap quilt is an easy and fun quilt pattern to create!

Afternoon Quilt

The Sparrow Tee Sewing Pattern

The basic tee is a must in every closet, and with the free t-shirt sewing pattern you can create the perfectly fitted t-shirt! This lovely pattern is created by design studio Common Stitch and is a great sewing pattern for beginners as well as intermediate sewers.

Sparrow Tee

Image source: Common Stitch

Proof Positive Quilt Tutorial

This lovely free baby quilt pattern is modern, cute and fun to sew! The pattern is created by the Cloth Parcel, and can easily be sized up for a larger sized quilt. It uses 2.5” strips so you can easily get creative with your scrap fabrics.Proof Positive Quilt

Image source: The Cloth Parcel

All of these free sewing patterns and many more are included in Yarnie’s newsletter. Sign-up for free today and continuously get free patterns and inspiration for your needle craft projects!

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