If you are into machine embroidery, here’s a fun website that has free designs. It’s called creativefabrica.com and it has more than embroidery designs. You’ll find free fonts (great for at quilts and mixed media sewing), Cricut and Silhouette files, plus sewing patterns. You can buy these things individually, sign up for a subscription, or download free files every day! Keep reading until the end of this post and you’ll find a code for a generous discount if you find designs you like.

Finding an embroidery design for your projects is step one before you can get creative with your embroidery machine. There are a lot of designs to choose among – embroidery designs, appliqué designs, in the hoop projects and much more. In this article, you’ll find useful tips and inspiration for selecting embroidery designs.


Check your Machine and Embroidery Supplies

Before you can get creative, you need to make sure that you know what type of file format your embroidery machine can read. The different embroidery machines can read different types of embroidery machine file formats. You can find information which type of file format your machine can read in the machine manuals and on the manufacturer’s website.

Another important factor is to check the size of your machine embroidery hoop. Your machine might have come with a standard hoop, or you have purchased additional hoops. The size of your hoop is important to know, since the embroidery design size needs to fit within your hoop. 
Most designers make their design available in multiple sizes, so that you can choose one that fits your hoop. 

Selecting an embroidery design

The most fun step is selecting the perfect embroidery design for your project. This is where you can get creative. If you have knowledge of digitizing you can digitize an image into an embroidery design format, but there are also tons of quality machine embroidery designs out there.

Scouting quality designs online has never been easier with Creative Fabrica’s embroidery library.  Creative Fabrica is a digital marketplace in which talented embroidery digitizers can sell their digital embroidery designs, and you can browse through an ever-growing library of designs.

You can find machine embroidery files, in the hoop (ITH) projects, and appliqué files in a variety of themes; decorative, functional, stylish, and cute. They also have free embroidery designs, which you can directly download and use for your projects.


Find a large variety of ITH designs, like this cosmetic bag.

cosmetic bag

On Creative Fabrica you can purchase the embroidery designs individually. Creative Fabrica have partnered up with Sewfeet and are offering you an exclusive 35% recurring discount on Creative Fabrica’s premium monthly subscription plan. The subscription plan gives you unlimited download access to Creative Fabrica’s  entire embroidery library, plus all other millions of digital designs on Creative Fabrica.  Apply this coupon code at the check out to get your discount: SEWFEET35  


Cute appliqué Cherry design.

cherry applique

If you can’t find the file format for your machine, you can simply reach out to the Customer Support team at Creative Fabrica and they can provide you with the right file.

Three embroidery projects to test out

Embroidering on apparel is always a way to personalize an item, and make it more fun or stylish. You can choose a smaller subtle design like this Lips Design, or a statement quote, like this  Believe In Yourself gradient design. If you pick a shiny thread it will give that extra glow on your clothing!

Embroidering on your home decor is a perfect way to upcycle your interior. It’s always a good idea to pick a timeless design, that you know will fit with the rest of your home decor. You can select a stylish and yet classic design like this Baroque Floral design.

By adding a cute embroidery design on your kids clothing it’s easCreative Fabricay to customize your children’s clothing according to their current favourite animal, or favourite colour. This Llama embroidery design looks really cute on this baby bodysuit. Appliqué designs are also perfect for children’s clothing, as you can play around with the fabric to go with your appliqué.


Have fun while you get creative with your embroidery machine!


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