Here’s a simple Halloween mantel cover made by Kari Curley with just one evening of sewing. Kari is the owner of the BERNINAland group where you can ask questions and chat about all things BERNINA.

Patchwork Presser Feet

The seams in this easy project have quarter inch seam allowances so using a Patchwork presser foot lets you sew accurately even when you’re in a hurry to finish so you can add some Halloween spirit to your home before the big night. Click here and here for more information about BERNINA Patchwork presser feet.

Mantel Cover Platform

Measure the mantel and add 8″-12″ to the width so the cover drapes over the ends of the mantel. Add 1/2″ to both the width and the length for 1/4″ seam allowances on all sides. Cut two long pieces of fabric using these measurements (black fabric was used for the mantel cover shown). Set the fabric pieces aside.

Mantel Cover Pennants

Make one pennant by cutting 2 triangles of coordinating fabric according to the measurements below. Place the triangles right sides together and stitch the two angled sides using a 1/4″ seam, leaving the upper edge open. Turn the pennant to the right side and press. Make additional pennants to fit across the front of the mantel. These can be placed side by side or overlapped as shown in the photo.

Assembling the Mantel Cover

Place one piece of the platform fabric right side up. Position the pennants on the fabric with the upper raw edge of the pennants.

Place the second piece of platform fabric right side down, covering the pennants and aligning the raw edges with the first piece of platform fabric. Stitch along all four sides using a 1/4″ seam, leaving an opening for turning along the long plain edge of the fabric. Turn the platform to the right side and press. Edgestitch along all four edges of the platform, closing the opening as you stitch. Place the finished cover on the mantel and add Halloween decorations on the top of the mantel.

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