Hi all – This is the first of a series of posts about my new sewing space. We have been in our new house for about 2 months, and I’m amazed about how slow my unpacking progress has been. It has been 23 years since our last move, and I think I remembered the excitement but had forgotten the pain of it all. The new house is in good shape – mostly unpacked  – and I’m finally seeing progress in my studio. I’m going to post about each area in my studio/office as I finish it and then I’ll do a tour so you can see it all together. For this post – the first in the series, I’m focusing on my cutting table and how I am reusing something I brought with me in the move. Keep reading to see how I upcycled this table or watch the video showing my process.

IKEA Table

In my previous sewing space, I did not have a cutting table because the room was so narrow.  Luckily my studio opened out to the kitchen, and we had a large island. That served as my cutting table, much to the dismay of my family at times. In my new space I was looking forward to getting a new cutting table but then I had an idea. I had decided to sell or donate my sewing room furniture before moving and start fresh at my new place. But at the last minute, I chose to take them, and it was a good decision. The photo below shows one of the pieces I brought, a 6-foot table from IKEA. I’ve had it for 10 years and I love the look of it.Norden Table

Upcycled Table

This table is counter height, perfect for cutting, but the tabletop is only 16 ½” wide, which is not large enough for most cutting situations. My first thought was to buy the same table again and put them together, but when I checked, I found I it was no longer available. So, my plan B was to add a wider tabletop to the existing table. My bother-in-law added a plywood top for me, and I sanded and painted it with grey chalk paint. The top is 32” wide, which not as large as a typical cutting table but because most of the work I do involves small projects, this width will be fine.

new table top

Finished Cutting Table

I ordered a large cutting mat (from an Etsy shop: BIGROTARYMAT2). I really like that it is white – nice and bright plus it’s easy to see the markings.

finished cutting table

Pressing Station

I placed a pressing mat at one end of the table. The pressing mat in the first photo is one that I have had for many years, and you can tell it has been well-used. I made a slipcover for it using a pre-quilted fabric, adding a bit more padding and giving it a nice clean look. I also have a wool pressing mat that I’ll keep on top of the larger mat, so it is handy when I need it.pressing station

A Good Start

My cutting table is the first area that is finished but there is more to see in the coming weeks. I love sharing this part of my work with you so stay tuned for more!Happy Stitching 1000x300 W

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