If you have been reading my blog posts, you know that Sewfeet is about all types of sewing with an emphasis on how presser feet work with specific techniques to give you the best results possible. I think learning the most you can about your machine and the available presser feet definitely makes it easier to sew with less frustration. One of the most important parts of your machine to pay attention to is the needle. It is probably the least expensive, but arguably the most important part of your machine. Without the proper needle for the fabric and/or technique you are sewing, you won’t get the beautiful results you want.

Sewing Machine Needle

Schmetz Needle Combo Packs

Rhonda from Euro-Notions recently introduced me to some exciting new Schmetz needle products. These needles are ones you may have or know, but they now come in combo packs. Each pack includes an assortment of types and/or sizes of needles that are designated for a particular type of fabric, a specific sewing situation or an indicated technique. The Combo Pack collections include Knit & Stretch, Upholstery & Home Décor, Fleece, Felt & Craft, Piecing & Quilting, and Vinyl. There are also two additional combo packs for sewing costumes, the 9 Needle Costume pack and the 10 Needle Costume pack. Both of these packs have an assortment of needles for sewing a wide variety of fabric that are different weights and thicknesses, from cotton to knits to denim.Costume Needle Packs

Vinyl Needles

I recently used the vinyl needles and they easily stitched through the vinyl material I was working on. These needles have a non-stick coating that helps them slide in and out of the vinyl material with ease. Don’t let the name, Vinyl, trick you. Other uses for these Vinyl/Super NonStick Needles are machine embroidery, machine appliqué, mixed media sewing and quilting, Splash Fabric (laminated cotton fabric), oil cloth, vinyl, and hoop & loop tape.  The Vinyl Needle Combo Pack is a great sampler of assorted sizes:  70/10, 80/12 (2), 90/14, 100/16.  Otherwise, the Super NonStick Needles are available on single size cards:  70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16. A great seam finish to use with vinyl is to stitch a simple seam and finger press it open. Then, from the right side, stitch along each side of the seam giving a pretty, finished look to the project. This flattens the seam allowances that otherwise tend to curl. And because metal presser feet typically stick to the vinyl material, don’t forget to use a coated foot that will slide over the vinyl as you sew.

Stitching on Vinyl

Why I Love the New Schmetz Needle Combo Packs

Combo Packs

Reason #1 – They Are Curated Collections. The needles you need for specific fabrics or techniques have been packaged together so you’ll know which needles are best. For instance, if you need a needle for a particular material such as knits, vinyl, or fleece, all you have to do is have the appropriate combo pack and you’re ready to sew! Think of these eight specialty combo packs as needle samplers.

Reason #2 – You Are Always Prepared. When I decide I want to sew something, more often than not, I am shopping in my stash for fabrics or materials for my project. If you also do this, you don’t want to stop the excitement and momentum of the beginning process by having to make a trip to buy the appropriate needle. If you have the combo packs on hand you won’t interrupt the creative process.

Reason #3 – They Offer Needle Choices. These combo packs give choices of needle that work in different ways within the designated category. There are different size needles to accommodate a variety of fabric thicknesses or types. For instance, knit fabrics range from soft t-shirt knits to very elastic spandex fabrics and the combo pack has ballpoint Jersey and Stretch needles to accommodate all types of knits. These particular needles are also great choices when stitching through elastics. CLICK HERE for the details of each Schmetz Combo Pack.

Specialty Presser Feet

Now that you know the needles for different sewing types and techniques, the next step is to select the presser feet that work with them. CLICK HERE to see my blog post on why you may want to explore specialty presser feet.

presser feet

And if you’re interested in learning how to use specialty presser feet, CLICK HERE for information on my Feet-ology Course – An Introduction to BERNINA Presser Feet.

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2 Comments on New From Schmetz Needles: Combo Packs

  1. I must admit I don’t read all my Schmetz newsletters. But that’s my fail, because every time I do I learn the most useful and amazing sewing tips and solutions. Not just about needles, but also about presser feet, zippers, sewing on special materials, and many other topics that touch on the many things I accomplish in my sewing and crafting projects.

    Thank you, Schmetz, for a great newsletter. I’m learning just how useful it is.

    • Hi Christine –
      I also love the Schmetz newsletters. Every time we sew, we use a needle so it helps to understand them as much as possible. If you are interested in learning more about presser feet and what you can do with them, subscribe to the Sewfeet newsletter at sewfeet.com.


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