If you have read my previous post about my empty sewing space, you know that my husband and I are moving to the Nashville area. We arrived in Tennessee two days ago after spending about 2 months with one of my sisters in Naples, FL. I’m sure you seen the news and weather reports about Hurricane Ian that came very close to Naples, among other places in the Eastern part of the country. Our trip from Naples to Nashville was delayed because two days before our scheduled drive, Ian came to South Florida, causing a surge of sea water that flooded my sister’s rental condo where we were staying.

Ian in Action

Before the surge, we evacuated to my sister’s house that was nearby, but on higher ground. We stayed there a short time and then had to go to her daughter’s house, which was farther inland and on even higher ground. In the end, both my sister’s condo and house were flooded. We felt safe most of the time because we were monitoring the weather and adjusting when we needed to. The damage to both of my sister’s homes has created a lot of work and expense for her but it is something that can be repaired. There were many who suffered more severe damage and death, especially 30 miles north of Naples in Fort Meyers, so we felt grateful that it wasn’t worse. Here’s a short video showing a bit of the action we saw, just before we realized that the condo and house had flooded!

Leaving Naples

During the hurricane/surge my husband was in California helping his parents move. He had several flights cancelled before he got back to Naples, about 48 hours later than planned. We stayed another day to help with some of the early clean-up and finally made the two-day drive to Nashville. So, we are closer to our in-progress home but are now in a rented apartment. Our latest completion date for the house is mid-December so we are hoping to get into our new home before the Christmas holidays.

Nomad Sewing Machines

In case you’re wondering, my sewing machines are unscathed. I moved them and my my traveling stash of fabrics and other supplies with me each time we evacuated. I’ve had several makeshift office/sewing spaces. I can’t wait until I have a permanent place and I can get back to really sewing. I’m hoping that the rest of the wait for the new house is less eventful than it has been. Wish me luck!

Traveling Stash

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8 Comments on On My Way to My New Sewing Space – Despite Hurricane Ian and the Surge

  1. Glad to hear all is well with you! Hopefully, your sister’s repairs will go smoothly, but I am sure will take time.

    • Hi Faith – Good to hear from you! We thought of leaving but the hurricane kept moving and we didn’t know which direction would be safe. It was quite an adventure but we were better off than many. My sister has been cleaning and repairing for the last month and still has a lot to go. Hope you are doing well,

  2. I live in Bonita Springs and wasn’t so lucky. My Lower level that has my weaving and sewing studio was under 4 and half feet of that storm surge. I lost my Bernina sewing machine and serger , 720 Elna press and 2 cherry looms. 41,000 dollars of fabric and about 60,000 of hand dyed yarns I had collected over 30 years. I’d post my pictures but it’s too depressing.

    • So sorry, Nancy…
      I lost some fabrics and small tools and I know how sad I felt about it. Can’t imagine how it would be to lose all of my machines. Hope you are able to replace at least part of your loss. Good luck!

  3. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing!So glad all family members were ok. We just visited Sarasota and was amazed at downed trees, fences and tarred roofs…. And that nothing compared to where you were staying. We will miss you on the west coast, but love your Sewology site.
    Margaret from Mel’s foot class.

    • Hi Margaret –
      Good to hear from you! Thanks for your support of Sewfeet. I am doing well but am ready to finalize our move and get settled. Looks like we have a couple of months still. Hoping to move in by Christmas but not sure yet. I miss teaching at Mel’s but love working on my website! Take care,

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