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Four Ways to Improve Your Sewing

Do you struggle through the sewing process as you create with fabric, needle, and thread? Or maybe it comes pretty easy to you but when you are finished, you just aren’t satisfied with the look of the finished project. If you are not happy with your sewn projects, it may be time to go back […] Read more…

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Get to Know Your Presser Feet

Earlier this month, I introduced Feet-ology, which is my online course on BERNINA presser feet. This course is an introduction to the entire line of BERNINA presser feet (almost 100 options) and there’s a bonus class that covers the seven BERNINA attachments. I’ve put together a short video of some of the things you’ll learn […] Read more…


Welcome to Feet-ology!

I’m so excited to be writing this blog post – it’s all about my first online course and it’s a big one! Feet-ology is an informative course that I’ve developed as an introduction to the entire line of BERNINA presser feet (that’s right, all of them!). If you want to improve your sewing skills, finish […] Read more…

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Do You Pintuck?

I love adding texture to flat fabric. One of my favorite ways to do this is by stitching double needle pintucks. I’m working on an embellishment project, and I created a diagonal grid with pintucks. Add this technique to quilt blocks, pillow fronts, purses, and to almost any other type of project. Pintuck Supplies To […] Read more…

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Why Use Specialty Presser Feet?

One of the most important parts of a sewing machine is the presser foot. You can’t sew without one because it has several critical jobs to do as you stitch. The presser foot sits on the fabric, holding it to the feed teeth, which helps move the fabric under the needle. The foot also holds […] Read more…

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Mini Art Quilt #2

This tutorial features my latest MAQ (mini art quilt) and I loved sewing it for two reasons. One, I’m using fabric and materials that I really like and two, I challenged myself to make it without buying anything! Everything I used is from my stash of fabrics, buttons, trinkets, cardstock, etc. If I make about […] Read more…

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