There’s nothing like a good book. Whether it’s on my Kindle or an actual book with paper pages (which I still love), reading is something I enjoy. And when I can read about sewing, it’s twice as nice! I just received the latest digital magazine, Inspired to Sew, from Schmetz Needles.Stitches in Words

If you don’t subscribe, you should. It has unique articles that you won’t find elsewhere. Interviews with interesting sewists, useful tips about sewing machine needles, and historical articles about the sewing industry are just a few of the reasons I love it. Click here for a link to issues of the past few years, including the issue I’m writing about in this post. While you are there you can sign up to receive future issues, so you won’t miss any!

Inspired to Sew Archives


This month’s cover article in Inspired to Sew has to be one of my favorites. Stitch in Words is less of an article and more of a bibliography of mysteries, love stories, historical fiction, and one non-fiction book, all with themes related to sewing. In all, a total of fifty-six books are on the list. A few I’ve already read, but there are many more that I plan to read. These books are all available at public libraries and/or at so they’ll be easy to find.


Let me know if you have read any of the books on the list and tell me about your favorites. Book club, anyone?

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