The percentage of people who sew is relatively small. There are millions of people who sew but if you compare that to the population of the word, it’s a drop in the bucket. Many people, sewers and non-sewers alike, have a few misconstrued thoughts about sewing in general. This post is about three sewing myths that are often perpetuated, but I believe to be untrue.

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Myth #1: Sewing Is Hard

Only if you make it hard. Because sewing is a skill, it can be learned. It can be easy and simple or complex and challenging. One of the great things about sewing is the depth and breadth it encompasses. There are thousands of ways to sew and unlimited projects that can be sewn. The good news is that you get to choose what you sew and what you don’t sew. You may get affirmation and satisfaction from sewing table napkins and baby bonnets, which is great! Someone else may love stitching couture clothing, which has a lot more sewing techniques involved, but it is all still sewing. Everyone starts at the beginning, which is simply stitching fabric together. You build on that first step and take it as far as you want. There can be many parts to sewing, but most of it is made up of simple steps that work together to create projects with fabric, needle, and thread.

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Myth #2: You Need to Have a Sewing Gene

Many people think that either you are born wanting to sew or you have no interest in it. Here’s a little secret – I know a lot of prolific sewists that don’t really like the process of sewing. It can be tedious and frustrating at times. Even the best sewists have days where nothing goes right. The thread tangles, the seams aren’t straight, the needle breaks – it’s just not a successful sewing session. But they keep going because what really drives most sewers is the project under their needle. They want a beautiful winter coat, or to freshen the décor of their home, create warm and cuddly quilts, or maybe they are pushed to upcycle clothing as a way of being creative and/or saving money. Other sewists want be unique and sew something that no one else has. The motivation to create and the desire to learn is much more important than innate ability.


Myth #3: You Must Sew Perfectly

When I learned to sew, it was all about making clothing and it seemed that there was only one way to properly stitch a garment. Thank goodness, things have changed. New products, fresh techniques, and creative freedom are abundant in the sewing world today. Don’t get me wrong, I love precision stitching and I want my projects to look the best they can, but not at the expense of exploring, discovering new techniques, being creative, and just having fun!

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How about you? What are your thoughts on these three myths? Fact? Or Fiction? Happy Stitching!

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