I just posted two new Foot Note Videos on my YouTube channel. Foot Notes are quick little videos, usually 1 minute or less. These videos show fun and useful techniques using a wide variety of specialty presser feet. Take a look and subscribe to my channel so you’ll be the first to know when new ones go up! If you want to see a particular presser foot video, let me know in the comment section below and I’ll put them on my list.

The first one is about couching, which is the technique of stitching cord, yarn, and other fibers to the surface of your fabric. This adds texture and color to almost any type of project you are sewing. There are many ways to couch. and several specialty presser feet that give different results. This video features a double cord foot that lets you stitch two cords or yarn at the same time.

The second new video features a bi-level presser foot that is used when you are sewing something thick to a flat fabric such as when you are sewing heavy trim to a pillow edge. The foot hugs the edge of the fabric and the needle is positioned perfectly to sew along the edge of the trim. It makes it so easy to attach the trim exactly where you want it! Click here to see how it works!

Hope you enjoy my Foot Note videos. If you want more, subscribe to my YouTube channel, if you haven’t already. Thanks for your support!

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