Welcome to 2019 (can’t believe it’s almost February!) and Welcome to Sewfeet.com! This is my very first blog post on my new website and I want to share with you what Sewfeet can do for your sewing journey. My name is Susan and I have spent 20+ years working in the sewing industry – teaching, designing and writing about sewing machines, presser feet and the amazing things you can create with them.

All Things Sewing

Sewfeet is about all things sewing with a focus on presser feet and attachments. Learn how to be a better stitcher, sew faster, and expand your creative options when using your sewing machine. We’ll explore techniques for all types of sewing, and teach you tricks using everyday presser feet included with your machine. Plus, I’ll help you discover dozens of specialty presser feet that may be available as optional accessories for your machine.

Weekly Posts

Check back for weekly posts featuring project ideas, free patterns, presser feet info and fun things to sew. I hope to inspire you, help you learn and have fun with you.  Sewing is often a solitary activity but it doesn’t have to be! We can create together, share our sewing projects, and encourage each other to expand our stitching boundaries. Look for these reoccurring topics every month:

Useful Techniques

Tested Techniques: Once a month I’ll cover the details of a specific sewing technique. Some are traditional, some practical, and some that are off-the-wall fun! Machine setup info, fabric prep tips and stitching directions will be included. You can brush up on what you already know or add new techniques to your sewing toolbox.

Fun Projects

Simple Sewing: Another once-a-month posting will be a tutorial for a quick and easy sewing project. These are great for beginners or for more experienced stitchers who just want something quick and easy to sew. The projects will use a variety of presser feet so you can use presser feet you own or see new ones you may want to explore.

Join the Sewfeet Community!

Click here to sign up for our newsletter and join the Sewfeet Community! Once a month, I’ll send you sewing tips and let you know about new blog posts so you can keep up with all the fun things I want to share with you. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll “see” you soon!



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