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Paper piecing tips

Paper Piecing Tips & Batting Scraps

Hi All, It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. I’m on a deadline for a new BERNINA Big Book coming up and it gets a little crazy! I’ll let you know when it’s available. So today I have not one, but two, short videos for you. #1 – Paper Piecing Tips Paper piecing […] Read more…

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Mini Art Quilt #2

This tutorial features my latest MAQ (mini art quilt) and I loved sewing it for two reasons. One, I’m using fabric and materials that I really like and two, I challenged myself to make it without buying anything! Everything I used is from my stash of fabrics, buttons, trinkets, cardstock, etc. If I make about […] Read more…

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Heart Mini Art Quilt

If you’re looking for a way to make sewing fun again, mini art quilts may be just the thing! Combining art techniques and sewing applications with a bit of scrapbooking thrown in opens a world of creative possibilities to make unique works of art. The best thing about this mixed media sewing is that you […] Read more…

foot notes

My Latest Foot Note Videos

Check out my latest Foot Note videos! Foot Notes are quick little videos, usually 1 minute or less. They show fun and useful techniques using a wide variety of specialty presser feet. Take a look and subscribe to my channel so you’ll be the first to know when new ones go up! If you want […] Read more…

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Make Something Beautiful

You may remember at the first of 2021, I promised to post one art quilt a month. If you’ve been paying attention, you have also noticed that I’ve fallen behind on that promise. In an effort toward catching up, I’m posting a unique little quilt that I hope inspires you to have fun making your […] Read more…

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