How familiar are you with the parts and pieces of your sewing machine? Any time you start something new, whether it is cooking or wallpapering, it’s easier to learn if you understand the language related to the skill. Sewing is no different. If you are new to sewing or using a sewing machine, a good place to start is to get acquainted with the terms and phrases used in describing your sewing machine. This glossary and guide give you an overview of the parts and pieces you’ll need to be familiar with as you get to know your sewing machine. Download this free glossary and guide to get you started or refresh your knowledge as you build your sewing skills.

Sewing machine Glossary

Here’s another free download you may have missed. Click here for Sew Smarter: 10 Ways to Make Your Sewing Machine Work for You. Make sure you are using your machine to its fullest potential to make your sewing easier, faster, and more creative!


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