I’m always looking for more ways to use the decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I sew on a BERNINA B 790 PLUS and it has over 1300 stitches! And most of them are so pretty! There’s always a few that are not as nice as the rest but most of them are just beautiful. I created this little work of art using some of the stitches that look like leaves, vines, and petals to grow my own stitch garden. After stitching the stems, I added decorative papers to make the ground and scattered a few buttons over the stem for flowers. I finished it by trimming it and placing it in a 5″ x 7″ wooden frame.

stitch gardenClick on the video below to see an overview of how I made my garden. It doesn’t take a lot of supplies and it goes together pretty quickly. I used scraps from both my fabric and decorative paper stashes, a few random buttons from my button jar, and an unused frame I had laying around.  I hope this inspires you to use your decorative stitches more!

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Happy Stitching 1000x300 W


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