Here’s one of my favorite sayings:

If you always do what you always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

I see a lot of students in my classes that have sewn for years and make beautiful and useful fabric projects, but they work with only a few basic techniques. Some have amazing results and others are still struggling to refine their looks. One of the great things about sewing is that there are so many ways to use needle and thread to create almost anything! I’m always looking for more techniques, new applications, and fun things to make with my sewing machine. I encourage you to expand your creative options just by exploring new sewing avenues with an open mind. I have a “baby” YouTube channel where I will be posting Foot Note videos that may help you with that. There are about a dozen short videos on my channel at the moment but over the next few months, I’ll be adding lots more – some with instruction and others just for inspiration.

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Here’s a couple of Foot Note videos to give you a taste of what you’ll find there. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to hear about future Foot Note videos as I add to my library of videos.


Don’t forget  to look for new ways to expand your sewing fun! Please Tag your sewing projects on Facebook & Instagram with #Sewfeet so we can all see what you’re working on!😀




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